Mascara, Mascara, on the wall, whose the most lengthening of them all? Is this not the first question that pops to mind when shopping for new mascara? For me, definitely! I love a good mascara that can give me lush lashes in just one coat.

I have already reviewed two of my favorite mascaras, the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara & Ciate London Wonderwand Mascara. Today we’ll be discussing the Brinea 3D Lash Fibre that I recieved courtesy of Rubybox Beauty.

Brinea 3D Lash Fibre – (RRP – R340)


Brinea 3D Fiber Lash is formulated to build volume and enhance the length of your lashes. Giving you a full dramatic look. It is easy to apply and safe enough for daily use. 100% Natural Bees Wax and Green Tea Fiber. 5 Minute Application. Lasts up to 16 Hours. Waterproof and smudge-free.


The 3D Fibre Lashes and the Transplanting Gel are packaged in a sleek black box. They are just like your regular mascara and can be taken almost anywhere.

All relevant information is printed on the packaging.



1. Ensure your eye lashes are clean, dry and free from any mascara.

2. Ensure that you work with one eye at a time to get the best results.

3. Apply a coat of your Brinea Transplanting Gel. Focus on applying the Transplanting Gel from the mid to tips of your lashes.

4. While the Transplanting Gel is still wet (very important to apply 3D Fibres while the gel is still wet to avoid clumps) apply the 3D Fibres from the mid to tips of your lashes.

5. Then seal the 3D Fibres with another coat of Transplanting Gel .

6. Wait a couple of minutes for the gel to dry.

7. If you desire a more dramatic look you can apply another layer and repeat the steps 2 to 6.

To remove the 3D Fibres simply wash with your regular face wash and water.

When applying 3D Fiber Lash mascara to your lower lashes, if at any time you have difficulty, put a teaspoon under these lashes.

  • This lifts them and allows you to freely coat those lashes, without leaving any black residue on the underpart of your eye.
  • When you have done applying your 3D Fiber Transplanting Gel, sealing with the gel again, simply remove the teaspoon and leave behind perfect lower lashes.

Price & Purchase

The Brinea 3D Fiber Lash mascara retails for ZAR340 and can be purchased from Rubybox Beauty. I find the price to be extremely reasonable – you are basically getting eyelash extensions in a bottle to apply at your own leisure. Yes Please!

Overall Thoughts

The Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes slogan is “Eyelash Extensions In A Bottle” and this is exactly what it is! I was taken aback when I applied this because the difference was so noticeable.

I never realized how short my lashes actually were until I used the Brinea 3D Fibere Lashes – have a look at my before/after picture below you will be in awe too.

The thing I love most about the Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes is that it can be built up to suit your liking! For instance on a daily basis I am fine with just one coat -pictured below- however I would choose a more dramatic look on the weekend if I am going out. Add 2-3 more coats and Damn Gina!

Also the Transplanting Gel is dark black -very much like a masacara, and does not budge for 16 + hours!


Do I Recommend This

You’re probably guessed it already, but hell yes. I am so hopeless when it comes to applying false lashes and lash extensions aren’t in my budget and it is not something I can maintain regularly.

The Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes hits this on the nail. Affordable. Effective. Non-Irritating.


DISCLAIMER: I received the above products free of charge from Rubybox to review and share my honest opinion. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the developing company.


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