This week the Brand Spotlight has been on KiKi Beauty, if you haven’t noticed as yet. Apart from reviewing their Make-Up Ready Setting Spray collection, I have also been testing out the Natural Radiance MoisturizerFace Primer. After much delay, here is my review:

Natural Radiance Moisturizer 50 ml (RRP – R360)


KiKi Beauty Claims:

Make-Up Ready Natural Radiance Moisturiser is a delightfully delicate and gentle face moisturising cream which dazzles the senses when applied to the face.  The Radiance Moisturiser, Step 1 of the Make-Up Ready process, provides a surge of hydration and moisture as it works to revive the healthy tone and texture of the skin.

This multi-tasking moisturiser will transform a dull and flat complexion into one that is youthfully radiant and gorgeously glowing.  KiKi’s Natural Radiance Moisturiser is hydrating and creamy without being oily and heavy.  Suitable for providing a balanced, healthy looking skin for both dry and oily skin types.

Why You Should Use It

The Make-Up Ready Natural Radiance Moisturizer, applied before the Make-Up Ready Face Primer and Setting Spray, works in conjunction with these to drastically improve make-up hold and to promote flawlessly smooth skin.  Say goodbye to a lifeless, lacklustre appearance as the Natural Radiance Moisturizer provides radiance and luminosity to visibly enhance your complexion.  The Moisturizer is formulated with unique ingredients to supply a refreshing burst of moisture and nourishment.  These exceptional ingredients also work overtime to provide solutions for uneven skin tone, ageing and fine lines and wrinkles.

Read my review on the KiKi Beauty Make-Up Setting Sprays here.

What’s Inside

The KiKi Beauty Face Primer is a white velvet creamy texture, and contains ingredients which are helpful to your skin.

♥ Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) – Helps to revive skin’s healthy tone and texture.

♥ Avocado Oil (Persea Gratissima Oil) – Rejuvenates skin and helps to improve skin elasticity.

♥ Hydrolysed Candida Saitona Extract – Extract from a fungi obtained from a fermentation process.  Helps to detoxify and repair skin, helps with anti-ageing and helps to restore skin’s natural radiance.

♥ Allantoin – Soothes and softens skin.  Provides moisture to the skin.


Apply a generous layer of moisturizer to cleansed skin of the face at least twice a day.  Massage into the skin with gentle, circular motions.

Overall Thoughts

Regardless of your skin type, it is imperative to moisturize your skin at least twice a day. This is a great radiance moisturizer, which gives a luminous finish and is perfect for normal to dry skin.

The KiKi Beauty Natural Radiance Moisturizer is rich and smooth and the product is white in colour. The moisturizer is enriched with Vitamin 3 and Avocado which are the key ingredients that leave your skin looking healthy and hydrated – which is what we all want!

I have been using the KiKi Beauty Natural Radiance Moisturizer for the past two weeks and I am thoroughly impressed. It has proven to leave my skin looking vibrant and enriched which gives me the confidence to go out bare faced.

I am sure we can all agree that with winter being around the corner, an effective moisturizer is essential. And KiKi Beauty Natural Radiance Moisturizer is the perfect fit.

Face Primer 50 ml (RRP – R395)


KiKi Beauty Claims:

KiKi’s Make-Up Ready Face Primer is a product specially designed and formulated to improve make-up hold and transform your complexion from flat to fabulous. KiKi’s Face Primer, Step 2 of the Make-Up Ready process, is applied before foundation leaving you gorgeous and flawless for hours on end.  If you don’t wear foundation, don’t worry, this innovative and versatile fragrance free primer used by itself provides a natural finished look.

Why You Should Use It

KiKi’s Make-Up Ready Face Primer is designed, formulated, manufactured and packaged in South Africa, exclusively for South Africans.  KiKi’s Face Primer takes the harsh South African climate into consideration to help your make-up stay on no matter the weather conditions.  No more constant visits to the bathroom to freshly apply make-up.The primer works in conjunction with the other Make-Up Ready products to ensure that you stay gorgeous and flawless for hours on end.  Click here to see KiKi’s 5 Step Make-Up Ready Guide.  KiKi’s Face Primer is formulated to provide soft focus properties to the face which means that blemishes and fine lines are minimised for a brighter, youthful look.

What’s Inside

The KiKi Beauty Face Primer is a white velvet creamy texture, and contains ingredients which are helpful to your skin.

♥ Oat Kernel Extract (Avena Sativa Extract) – Improves make-up hold and can act as an anti-ageing agent.

♥ Sodium Hyaluronate – This allows it to penetrate into the skin and effectively bind to water to keep the skin moisturized.

♥ Glycerin – Natural substance present in the body which conditions and softens the skin


Apply an even layer of KiKi’s Face Primer to the clean and moisturized skin  prior to make-up application.  The primer can be used before any liquid, cream or powder foundation. Can also be gently patted onto the skin throughout the day or night to restore radiance and moisture.

Overall Thoughts

I was honestly taken aback with this primer. It was completely different to the other primers that I use as those are silicone based. After STEP ONE, which is applying the KiKi Beauty Natural Radiance Moisturizer, I apply the KiKi Beauty Face Primer to even out my skin which makes applying my CC Cream/Foundation as effortless as working on a smooth canvas.

The Face Primer is white in color and has as a smooth velvet texture which sinks into your skin. The product is also scentless which is a plus for those with sensitive skin.

The main reason I use a primer before applying make-up is to even-out my nose which is one of the main target areas for blackheads. The KiKi Beauty Face Primer did just that which was fantastic, along with moisturizing my skin throughout the day and making my make-up long lasting.

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Both the above products come in standard KiKi Beauty packaging – black, with fine glitter on the box and it has a twist-pump dispenser. I love that it has a sanitary pump that dispenses the right amount of product, allowing you to control how much you use, so you don’t use too much.

Price And Purchase

The KiKi Beauty Natural Radiance Moisturizer retails fot ZAR360 and the KiKi Beauty Face Primer retails for ZAR395.

All KiKi Beauty products can be purchased from their online store. For more behind the scenes on this wonderful brand follow them on Instagram @kikibeautysa and be blown away with their aesthetic page.

Do I Recommend These Products

I would most definitely repurchase both the, KiKi Beauty Natural Radiance Moisturizer and KiKi Beauty Face Primer. I rarely find products that actually live up to their claims along with being affordable. KiKi Beauty surely meets my expectations. And if that does not satisfy you these are key essential products to a Make-Up Ready face!



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