This is the last part to my Celltone South Africa series. I reviewed the Luxury Pamper Pack last week and Snail Gel yesterday.


Regardless of how lazy I am when it comes to applying SunScreen. I firmly believe it is a must. I am sure we all have heard this countless amount of times, but here we go again.

UV Radiation is bad news for your skin in so many ways:

  1. Sunburn
  2. Freckles
  3. Thinning of the skin
  4. Loss of elasticity causing wrinkles
  5. Dark discolouration of the skin
  6. Corneal damage leading to cataracts
  7. Macular degeneration
  8. Skin cancers

I am pretty sure none of us will forget to apply SunScreen today, right?

Celltone SunScreen SPF 50 Dry Touch (RRP – R199.90)


Celltone Claims:

Celltone have developed an advanced sun protection cream that combines the finest skin care science with superior sun care ingredients to create a sun screen range that not only protects the skin but is actually good for it. Which is probably why the Proteas who spend hours in the sun choose to use Celltone).



The Celltone SunScreen is packaged in a 75ml blue and yellow squeeze tube. The cap is secure and fixes tightly in place and ensures that contents are not going to spill.

It is compact and convenient for traveling. And, it can be easily carried in hand bags as it spill proof and does not occupy much space.

Also, in celebration of the launch of the new Celltone Sunscreen Range they have created a series of collectable cricket and product cards. Each SunScreen comes with 8 collectable cards, the key is to collect 48 and you could win a Samsung S7 Smartphone. Read more about it here.


Apply a generous amount to your face before applying any make-up. Use daily.

I generally apply the SunScreen after cleansing. I often skip applying a separate primer, you really can go crazy with all the different product you have to apply, but SunScreen is just on you really cannot skip.


  • SPF50 UVA & UVB Protection.
  • Contains anti-oxidants to fight free radicals.
  • Stable UVA & UVB filters.
  • Non-whitening formula – invisible protection.
  • Make-up primer.
  • Suitable for acne prone skin.

Price & Purchase

The Celltone SunScreen SPF50 Dry Touch retails for ZAR199.90. This is pretty reasonable and within the market price of SunScreen.

The Celltone SunScreen SPF50 Dry Touch can be purchased from Red Square Stores, Clicks, Dischem Pharmacies as well as selected Game Stores.

Overall Thoughts

I have previously mentioned this, but if you missed it here goes. SunScreen is so IMPORTANT! I am pretty sure none of us are a fan of using SunScreen that leave your face looking pale and ghostly as if you just walked out of a horror movie? Yes that’s called skin-discolouration.

The Celltone SunScreen SPF50 Dry Touch  has been specifically designed to not cause any skin-discolouration, because they are well aware of how much we dislike this. And does it live up to this? You bet! And that’s not even the best part, it is suitable for all skin types!

The SunScreen is white in color, and has very mild fragrance which does not linger on for more than couple of minutes. The texture is neither thin, nor thick, making it glide perfectly onto your face. Also a very small amount is needed to cover your face, hence the tube lasts for longer.

It has an SPF50 SunBlock and considering the heat we are often exposed to in South Africa, I would settle for nothing less. Also the higher the SPF the better.

I have been using the SunScreen daily as a primer and moisturizer – one of its key properties is to double up as a primer as well, making life simpler for many people! My skin has never looked and felt better. This does not affect my make-up in anyway and in fact enhances it allowing a smoother application, plus it lasts just as long.

Do I Recommend These

Yes, yes and yes! If you are looking for a new and improved SunScreen I would highly recommend the Celltone range. There is something for everyone!


DISCLAIMER: I received the above products free of charge from Red Marketing to review and share my honest opinion. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the developing company.


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