I feel like I should just put this out there, the thought of using Snail Gel on my face makes me nauseous on all levels. The courage it took to use this Snail Gel was immense, but anything for great skin right?

I have a really bad habit of attacking my breakouts when I shouldn’t. And obviously this leaves unwanted blemishes which are so hard to get rid off. The Celltone Snail Gel was a blessing in disguise that arrived at my  door step, and possibly the end of my tireless skin concerns.

A few days back I posted a review on the Celltone Luxury Pamper Pack which you can read about here.

There has been a constant debate on whether the Celltone Snail Gel is Faux or Fur AKA, does it really work or not. I am here to give you the full scoop from a real person putting it to the test!

Celltone Snail Gel (RRP – R399.90)


Celltone claims:

Celltone’s hero product is the Celltone Snail Gel, which can be used to address the problems associated with oily skin, dark spots, wrinkles, expression lines and stretch marks. For the best results, it is used in conjunction with the Snail Extract Exfoliating Gel, which is designed to enhance the benefits of the Snail Gel by gently removing dead skin cells. The Exfoliator polishes the skin allowing the Snail Gel to better penetrate the skin’s surface layer and speed up the rejuvenating results of the Snail Gel.

Results of a marketing survey performed for Celltone Snail Gel, have shown:

85% of respondents said that Celltone Gel reduced their dark spots*

83% respondents said that Celltone Gel reduced the appearance of their stretch marks*

94% said that Celltone Gel improved the appearance of their wrinkles*

*In an in-house placement over a 3-week period amongst women with existing skin conditions, and with an error rate of up to 13,3%.

Remember that dark spots caused specifically by hormonal imbalances are rarely treatable.


Celltone Snail Gel consist of proteins and vitamins that enrich and soften the skin. Additionally it also contains natural collagen and elastin, which are the main components of the human connective tissue, therefore eliminating wrinkles and expression lines. It also contains Allantoin, which assists with the regeneration of skin cells and Vitamin E that soothes and softens the skin.


The Celltone Snail Gel is conveniently packaged in a 50 ml glass jar with a secure lid. It is sold in a secure box which provides the ultimate protection to this whimsical product. The packaging exhibits intricate quality and provides you with your moneys worth.


Apply the Snail Gel onto your skin avoiding the eye area.  Spread evenly across all the problem areas concentrating on the lines and wrinkles. As the gel dries on the skin, the skin feels tight and lifted.  Apply daily before you apply your moisturizer and/or tissue oil and remember to apply a sunscreen after your moisturizer before you go out into the sun.

I applied the Snail Gel daily in the mornings and evenings. I really liked that I could apply it before my make-up as well and frankly, it made a wonderful primer!


  • Improving the collagen in your skin.
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles after 28 days of continued use.
  • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks after 8 weeks of continued use.
  • Reduces the appearance dark spots after 14 days of continued use.

Price and Purchase

The Snail Gel retails for ZAR399.90. I do find the price to be rather expensive. However if this gel is going to get rid of ageless pigmentation, blemishes and dark spots as well as wrinkles and stretch marks, then I’m more then willing to empty my pockets.

The Celltone Snail Gel can be purchased from Red Square Stores, Clicks, Dischem Pharmacies as well as selected Game Stores.

Overall Thoughts

I followed the instructions and religiously used the Snail Gel consecutively for 14 days. Within the first 7 days I could already see the marks disappearing and by the end of the 14 day trial it was if they were non existent.

The Snail Gel has a rather subtle sweet smell while applying it, but after that the scent changes to a rather weird, tacky smell and then disappears after 5-10 minutes.

The people close to me were completely taken by awe. They saw me with awful scars that I was battling to get rid off, and 14 days later I was a new person.

Please note my scars were mild and at most 4 dark spots on my cheek which were only 2 weeks old. If you suffer with severe scarring for a prolonged period of time, it may take longer then 14 days for best results.

I am only 21 and fortunately do not have any wrinkles as yet hence I could not review the Snail Gel in this regard. I do certainly believe that if it lived up to its expectations with regards to dark spots, it would definitely excel in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks.

Do I Recommend These

Before reviewing the Celltone Snail Gel I would have never suggested it. I mean, the thought of Snail Gel, on your face? EW. After my awe striking results, I cannot help but join the bandwagon. I now preach Celltone Snail Gel. It is a must!


DISCLAIMER: I received the above products free of charge from Red Marketing to review and share my honest opinion. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the developing company.


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