Professionally trained makeup artist and owner of EyeSeeHue Makeup, Andrea Herman’s love for makeup stemmed from her mother’s passion for beauty.


“My mom taught me that there’s nothing like a good foundation, mascara and a nice blush,” she laughs.

It was returning to South Africa after a visit to Singapore – and a trip to the “home” of beauty, Sephora – that Andrea brought back a selection of high quality products to test out, and her idea for an online retail space selling brands unavailable in South Africa was born.

“Our local market has been starved of international brands, even as recently as ten years ago,” she says. “These days things are far more current, and we’ve become more discerning with regards to what we want to use.”

EyeSeeHue Makeup has an exciting selection of imported brands – with plans to expand – that’ll satisfy even the pickiest of beauty shoppers. From Lipstick Queen to Too Faced to Sephora’s own range of skincare and lip balms, product devotees finally have a place to buy beauty treasures otherwise only found on their overseas travels.

Eye Make-Up has a special place in Andrea’s heart. Part of her arsenal of eye makeup are mascaras and liners by Brit brand EyeKo – and with good reason!

The brand is incredible, says Andrea who encourages clients to try out the range of award winning and innovative eye makeup – think liners, mascaras and even the perfect mascara – removing wipes!

It’s positioned “for your eyes only” and has a cult celebrity following, with perennial “IT” girl Alexa Chung being the spokesperson for the brand. In fact she advises creators Max and Nina Leykind on products, so she’s not just the celebrity face of Eyeko.

Established in 1999, the label re-invented mascara with its iconic zero-waste squeeze tubes to create an eye wardrobe of formulas and brushes for instant results, easy application and long term lash care.


Another major coup for EyeSeeHue Makeup, is the must-have lipstick label, Lipstick Queen. The brand, created by Australian Poppy King who from the age of 18 was desperate to find the perfect lipstick, is all about the trans-formative powers of lip colour. Classic shades are as important to Lipstick Queen as is the allure of enhancing your natural lip shade.

EyeSeeHue Makeup is incredibly proud to not only be selling the brand’s Velvet Rope in Brat Pack (a sensual red) but the brilliant Frog Prince range. The concept is super -smart– and rather magical too! An emerald green lipstick transforms into a rosebud hue upon contact with your lips. The green reacts with the warmth of your lips and no two pouts will look the same as it adapts according to your pH and natural colouring. This means it looks flattering on everyone. Customers will also fall in love with Eden, a sheer red lipstick that suits every complexion (from light to dark), therefore taking the guesswork out of which red shade to choose.

How clever are these lipsticks!


Global beauty retailer Sephora is probably the most recognizable name among beauty retailers, and now a selection of their own-label products are ready and waiting on EyeSeeHue Makeup. Apart from a range of sublime facial masks (for various skin concerns) as well as an eye mask, the exciting news is Sephora’s collection of lip balms.

Four Kiss Me Balms are available on the site (customers can choose from pretty shades such as Candy Apple, Cotton Candy, Peach Melba and Bubblegum) and they have important lipcare benefits too: a creamy and comfortable formula doses lips with hydration while adding a hint of sweet colour.

A delicate fragrance enhances the charm of these lip products, and the dome-shaped applicator makes it easy to apply (and reapply quickly) for a dewy pout all day long.

Last but certainly not least, is the power that is Too Faced make up. One of Andrea’s most loved mascaras is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – and she’s also brought in a classic as well as vibrant collection of eye shadow palettes.

A trendsetting range, Too Faced is fun, flirtatious and effervescent – perfect for women who love to wear feminine make up looks.


DISCLAIMER: I received the above content as part of a Press Release and all wording is not my own.



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