It all began with a question, “Is there a product that can make your skin camera-ready in minutes?” Shannon and Glenn Dellimore knew it didn’t exist, and made it their mission to create one. In no time, their innovation made it into the hands of makeup professionals, skincare experts, and studio executives, quickly becoming a behind the scenes essential in Hollywood’s Entertainment, Music, Fashion and Awards industries. After only 1 year backstage, retailers called and GLAMGLOW® began to hit stores. Shannon and Glenn took their exciting new ideas, disruptive attitude and passion for innovation to the world, creating beauty products that deliver on their promise of an INSTANT SEXY HOLLYWOOD GLOW.


In January 2015, Estee Lauder Companies acquired Californian based skincare brand GLAMGLOW. “GLAMGLOW represents the ultimate in innovative facial masks,” Fabrizio Freda, president and chief executive officer of the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc.

“Glenn and Shannon’s vision to create easy-to-use, effective products for camera-ready skin has grown into an incredible success. GLAMGLOW is a top performer in specialty channels and effectively engages its devoted fans across digital platforms. Its unique focus on facial masks strategically complements our current prestige skin-care offerings.”

Since the acquisition in 2015, GLAMGLOW is now available in 52 countries and launched in South Africa in January 2017! It is available online at and is available in the following retailers: Red Square, Edgars, Foschini, Woolworths and Truworths.

The GLAMGLOW Experience

The experience of discovering a GLAMGLOW product stimulates as many senses as possible through its vibrant colours, soft touch texture, unusual shape, naturally sexy scent and “Hello Sexy” messaging that always produces a smile. The entire process of unwrapping a GLAMGLOW product is a seductive tease, removing each layer one by one, not knowing when the final destination will be reached, or how soon one can achieve the desired Instant Sexy Hollywood Glow.

Teaoxi Technology

TEAOXI® is the proprietary, secret patented Leaf Steeping Process that gives GLAMGLOW its instant results and extraordinary efficacy. Co-founders Glenn and Shannon Dellimore created this technology out of pure curiosity, and after extensive testing by cosmetic chemists, it turned out they were right! The leaves deliver natural active ingredients directly into the mud and continue to do so for the life of the product.

For the secret patented TEAOXI Leaf Steeping Process, GLAMGLOW continuously sources the most powerful whole, ground or pulverized leaves from all areas of the world.


Stay tuned for more information on GLAMGLOW®, I will be attending the GLAMGLOW® Brand Experience this week and cannot wait to share my thoughts with you!


DISCLAIMER: I received the above content as part of a Press Release and all wording is not my own.


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