Sheet masks have been a staple of Asian women’s beauty routines since, forever, but it’s only been a couple of years since everyone stopped seeing masking as a once-in-a-blue-moon treatment and started slapping it on their faces on a daily basis. It’s like we’ve finally been given free rein to use our ‘special stash’ every day and splash out on more than 365 masks a year.

I tackle summer heat, winter dryness, stress, and laziness by doing the slow cooker Korean beauty equivalent: sheet masks.  20-60 minutes of slow, sustain saturation replenishes my thirsty skin and lets me relax from the long and stressful hours of my day job.  Here are my thoughts on these four My Scheming sheet masks from Shades of Mink!


Shades of Mink sent me four sheet masks to try out. They are all from the brand My Scheming. The specific masks I received include the Raw Job’s Tears Brightening Black Mask, Snail Essence Hydrating Black Mask, and Cactus Essence Hydrating Black Mask and L-Ascorbic Acid Whitening Mask. All four masks are ZAR 48 on the Shades of Mink online store and so they’re very affordable!

I’ve never tried this brand before and so I was very excited to see how they would work on my skin. All four masks help improved my skin hydration plus a little more based on the mask.

Cactus Essence Hydrating Black Mask (RRP-R48)


This mask was the first one out of three that I tried. Right when I pulled it out of the bag, it was dripping with essence. There was an overabundance of essence again and it did drip down my neck. It’s nothing having tissues around my neck wouldn’t fix though! The sheet did stay fully saturated during the 30 minutes I wore it as well!

Like the name of the masks says, this sheet mask is hydrating and left my skin with a glow. The essence also stayed on my skin well enough that I could give myself a nice facial massage. Like the other two masks, this one also sunk onto my skin well enough that I could use it in the morning before applying makeup.

Out of the five masks, this one really helped with hydration. Even though it is not winter, my skin has been extra dehydrated and this essence sunk into my skin without leaving any film “sitting” on my skin.

Snail Essence Hydrating & Repairing Black Mask (RRP-R48)


This one has the same fit and sheet texture as the Cactus Essence Hydrating Black Mask.

The essence is clear and a bit thicker. There was an excessive quantity of essence again and so I just squeezed a bit out so that it wouldn’t drip everywhere.

After wearing it for about 20-25 minutes, the sheet mask did feel a bit dry and so I took it off and used whatever essence was left on the mask and on my face, and massaged it into my face and neck.

Again, this mask initially dried to a more tacky feel and then fully dried to a more soft matte (but still moisturized) appearance. I took a chance by wearing this mask before a friends bridal shower and I was super glad that it left my face slightly matte instead of overly dewey like some other masks so that my makeup will still apply on well.

L-Ascorbic Acid Whitening Mask (RRP-R48)


This sheet mask is soaked in a generous 23ml of essence enriched with L-Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Collagen, Arbutin and various herbal extract. After pulling out the mask, you realize how much essence is left behind – so much that it can last for 4-5 more days. I normally use the extra essence as a face mask for the next few days.

When I first tried it, the mask itself looked almost invisible on my face. I won’t say that it hugged my face seamlessly, but at least there was no dripping.

The essence feels just like water. The fact that it absorbs/dries up so quickly mademe wonder if it is really effective. Luckily when I removed the mask after 30 minutes, I could feel that my skin was immediately soothed. After consuming all the leftover essence after a few days, I did see some of my acne scars fading, and my skin getting a little brighter and smoother.

The mask can cause a little redness which may appear after a day or two. If you have sensitive skin, I strongly advise you to do a patch test first. Also, like all Vitamin C products, your skin may become more photosensitive so do wear sunscreen during the day.

Raw Job’s Tears Brightening Black Mask (RRP-R48)


The texture and fit is the same as the other two masks and the essence is similar to the Snail Essence Hydrating & Repairing Black Mask. A lot of the other sheet masks I’ve tried had a clear essence but this one was slightly milky.

I liked that the mask had multiple slits around the edges and so it was able to really contour around my face. I would say my face is pretty normal? Also there was a little bit around my temples that felt too wide. I just folded it over so that it wouldn’t touch my hair and it was good to go!

This is definitely a laying down and relaxing kind of mask because of how much essence there was.I ended up massaging the essence that wasn’t full absorbed yet from the outer edges into my face.

I use sheet masks mostly at night, but this one could be used in the morning due to how fast it absorbed. It didn’t leave a tacky texture either and instead left me with a smooth and slightly mattified look/feel to my skin.

Final Thoughts

I think all four masks would be great for any skin type. Even though I loved the Cactus Essence one for hydration, I would repurchase the other two since I prefer my masks to include some kind of brightening or repairing properties for my acne marks.

All four sheet masks sink in quickly into the skin and so they’re also great before going out or in the morning if your skin needs a pick me up. It’s also important to note that none of these masks broke me out! My skin felt smooth, and hydrated, so I did not need to use another moisturizer after.

Shades of Mink is offering an exlcusive 10% discount to all Rogue readers. All you need to do is hop on to the Shades of Mink online store here and enter the discount code “ROGUEBYNABLAH” when checking out.


Have you tried out any sheet masks? Comment below with your favourite!


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