February has long been celebrated as a month of romance, apparently because people believed that February 14 was the day that birds started mating.   If you have a hot date this Valentine’s, get ready to pucker up and shake those tail feathers! Here are our tips ….

1.  The power of red is a real thing.

The colour of power and confidence — is attention seeking.

Keep lips in kissable condition with the newly launched Dr.PAWPAW Tinted Ultimate Red Balm – it provides moisture and a hint of tint for lips and cheeks. Perfect to create a “bitten” lip look, the colour can be applied liberally for a subtle colouring or built up to create a more obvious red glossy luscious lip.


2.   Eye contact can make you more attractive.

Studies have found that a “mutual unbroken gaze for two minutes with a stranger” leads to “increased feelings of passionate love.”  Frame your eyes and flutter those babies with a pair of Eylure Lashes –irresistible!


3.   Head tilt and look up

Scientists at the University of Newcastle in Australia have found that you’re “most alluring” when you angle your head forward, so you’re forced to look ever-so slightly upward.

4.   Touching is a definite must

There are three levels of touching: friendly (ie. shoulder push or tap), plausible deniability (ie. touching around the shoulder or waist, or on the forearm), and, “nuclear,” which is the face touch.  Intense! Make sure your hands and nails are in tip top condition and remember the power of red! Elegant Touch Steel The Night perfect!


5.  Playing hard to get really does work.

Making yourself appear to be a “scarce resource worth having” while maintaining your interest is the ticket. People want what they can’t have.



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