That small, blue tin filled with smooth, silky white cream that you see lying around your house since who knows when? That’s just good old Nivea Crème – an historic household essential!

I’m sure you’ve explored most of the basic ways to use it; I’m here to go beyond that and share my top five favorite versatile uses for this tin of gold!

The Symbiotic Communications team sent me a press drop with some other Nivea products -which I’ll be reviewing soon- among this whimsical tin and I’ve been addicted ever since!

Nivea Crème

(RRP – R32.95)



If I haven’t mentioned it yet, this popular white cream is packaged in a metal tin. It’s compact and easily stored. It’s also available in two different sizes making it great for traveling!


What’s in this popular white cream anyway? It’s a simple mixture of the usual ingredients that have been tried, tested, and proven to moisturize, hydrate, protect, and soothe the skin. It has skin beneficial ingredients but the star of them all is Eucerit , the first and only skin care formula used in Nivea Crème from back then until now.

What Eucerit does is it replicates the natural balancing act of oil and water on your skin surface so that means it can adapt to and protect your skin in the driest and coldest conditions. Even after a hundred years, Eucerit still works for all people of all ages as well as skin types and that’s why Nivea Crème will never go out of fashion – EVER!

That is what makes Nivea Crème so special!

These are some of the surprising uses for this product that I’ve tried and tested myself.

  1. Hand Cream

You don’t have to spend over 100 ZAR on a hand cream, that’s what I’ve proven to myself lately. You can give your hands some much needed affordable TLC with Nivea Crème.

It is super emollient and I use it daily. A pea- sized amount goes a long way, leaving your hands smooth and moisturized all day long.

  1. Night Cream/Moisturizer

I featured the Nivea Crème as one of my must have evening skin-care products which you can read about here.

This goes unsaid, night creams have one main goal: to keep your skin moisturized as you sleep. Dryness due to air conditioning and lack of water intake for more than 8 hours-is one of the main causes of aging -this is why night moisturizers were formulated to be richer and thicker than day moisturizers: they’re meant to keep your skin moist and supple for hours. Obviously there are many other pricier and fancier night creams out there, but a well moisturized skin is enough to keep those wrinkles at bay for a few more years.

On a budget? I’ve got two words for you: Nivea Crème.

  1. Make-Up Remover

If you are traveling, just purchase a small tin of Nivea Crème and voila! You now have a makeup remover and night moisturizer in one product.

Take a small amount of the Nivea Crème on a cotton pad and wipe your face and that does the trick! You can thank me later.

  1. Post- Wax Crème

It is important to moisturize freshly waxed skin a few hours after the treatment. If you just need a regular moisturizer and you’re not dealing with ingrown hair, forget all those pricey post- waxing solutions and just apply a thin layer of Nivea Crème on the treated part -that should be enough to keep your skin from turning dry and dead skin cells from clogging your pores.

  1. Lip Balm

This product can be used as a lip balm too! I tried it for a few days and it’s as good as a thick lip balm. It’s just a little waxy, but works great in keeping your lips moisturized as you sleep.

Aside from these useful uses, you can also use it as an elbow and knee softener, neck, and foot cream! Nivea Crème is not just a simple moisturizer -it’s a skincare all-rounder!

This is the Nivea Crème over the years: the packaging has changed however the formula remains the same!




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