Do you find yourself standing at the doors of the beauty world and have no clue which direction to look in? That was me not so long ago.

Firstly if you’re reading this, THANK YOU for clicking the link in my bio. There’s nothing more frightening then writing a first blog post and hoping someone out there happens to stumble across your page and read your 2 cents.

Many of you might know me from Instagram, as that was my main platform for my blog and where the creative experience all started. #ThisIsNotAnImpostor

Instagram has become quite challenging as I can’t really go in depth with my latest posts as much as I’d like to, hence the change to WordPress.

If you know me you will know I am obsessed with anything beauty related! I am your average girl looking for that product which is going to change my world. I am always on the hunt trying to find the products with just the right combination of quality and affordability.

You can expect to see a lot of DIY’s on my page as I have always played around and experimented over the years and have definitely developed some all-time favorites.

I am open to any questions, suggestions & requests as this is not only a platform for me to share me passion, but also for you!

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